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PHP Developer - To Be Discussed Upon Interview

This role will be based in our China office. As a dual-language PHP Developer and IT Support, you will be responsible for working on a variety of bespoke development projects, as well as support for our main web sites. You will be liaising with customers to understand their requirements, and you’ll use your PHP skills to put them into action and ensure that all projects meet customer specifications. Fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin) is a must.

Interested? To be considered for this great opportunity, you must have:

  • At least two years’ commercial development experience
  • Experience of MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Object Oriented PHP development experience is essential
  • Have a good grasp of Written and Oral English and Mandarin (Cantonese is also an advantage)


You must have a great eye for detail and have strong communication skills. Deadlines come thick and fast, so the ability to meet them and handle a number of projects simultaneously is also essential.

You will be responsible for host and network administration, data, license administration, including license server administration. Administration and upkeep of all systems and services, internal and external.

  • Administrate, maintain, facilitate, configure, install, repair and monitor all aspects of IT & Networking, Remotely and On-Site at West One Technology Ltd
  • Facilitate clients’ needs with regards to IT, be it in sale, advice, technical support or development, via electronic communications or on-site visits
  • Perform Technical Advisory duties for on-site technical teams and individuals, relieving workload when necessary
  • Liaise between upper management and staff on projects requiring a more technical-managerial contact where needed
  • Introducing new computer systems into current setups for optimum IT functions
  • Troubleshooting IT systems when there is an issue reported by computer users
  • Performing a check to make sure all systems are working fine and up to date
  • Administering the creation, operation, modification, and deletion of username and passwords of employees in the system
  • Implementing security software and tools to ensure maximum security from outside threats
  • Carrying out data backups and administration
  • Installing and maintaining software updates periodically


When applying please also attach web examples/code print outs as evidence of your work.

ref: Ca787