Job Listing

Process Assistant - £7.00 - £8.00 per hour

Role and Responsibilities

West One Technology are looking for an individual to assist with the colour anodizing process which include sulphuric anodizing and polishing of mobile phone casings.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

You should have an understanding of electrics, chemicals and chemistry.

Preferred Skills

  • Good attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding of chemicals and chemistry
  • Using solutions
  • Working with chemicals such as sulphuric, nitric and caustic solutions
  • Screen printing
  • Anodising
  • Metal Polishing

This role would ideally suit someone who is comfortable with monotonous work.

This is a full time position working from 09:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday.

Depending on your experience salary for this position is £7 – £8.50 per hour.

ref: Ca637